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Service Rig Drilling

Tartan Controls Inc. designed and patented a tool for controlling reactive toque created on the tubing string when drilling with downhole motors. This product called the “Anti-Rotation Device” (ARD) mechanically removes the reactive torque from the tool string at the rig floor. The ARD has no external moving parts that are exposed to the rig workers. The ARD also acts as a circulating head which is equipped with flow passages and screens which allow fluid to be circulated to operate the motor. This mechanical system has proven to be very safe and reliable even during extremely cold conditions.

Dump Sub

The dump sub is a hydraulically actuated valve located at the top of the drilling motor that allows the drill string to fill with fluid when running in the hole, and drain when tripping out of the hole. The dump sub prevents wet tripping.

In the event that a dump sub is not required or desired, such as underbalanced drilling using nitrogen or air, then simply remove the dump sub.

Float Sub Assembly

Tartan Control’s float sub is a standard jointed pipe tubing string component. Its use provides a means of preventing back flow of fluids or gas into the tubing. A dual or single float sub can be mounted on top of the drilling motor and/or a single float sub can be installed at near bit.

Separation Sub Assembly

Tartan Control’s designed separation sub assembly is installed in the bottom hole assembly (BHA) to allow any part of the BHA to be released by dropping a stainless steel ball. The release of a motor is beneficial in certain snubbing applications where snubbing out of the hole is not designed. Simply releasing the sacrificial motor is occasionally advantageous.

Tubing Drain

Tubing drains offer a means of communicating between the annulus and tubing. Tubing drains are used with drilling motor operation when protection of the motor is desired. When a drilling operation is completed downhole, a stainless steel ball can be dropped down the tubing to activate the tubing drain. A sliding sleeve mechanically closes off access to the motor. Then acids or frac fluids can be pumped downhole that completely bypass the motor and do no damage to the motor.

Diversion Sub Assembly

A downhole tool used to restrict fluid that flows into the motor. When operated, the diversion sub allows a higher circulation rate to be directed directly to the annulus. This is useful in creating higher annular velocities to improve cutting removal from the wellbore.

Rotating Scraper

Tartan Control’s designed rotating scraper is run in tandem with the Tartan drilling motors. Installed at the bit, the motor rotates the scraper and bit simultaneously. This saves an additional tubing run, since scraping to casing ID is accomplishing while drilling.

The rotating scraper incorporates 9 floating blades to clean the casing wall of debris while rotating and can be used in a push/pull operation.

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